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I am looking for the best of the best to help me promote JEM for the class of 2021. 


Here's the deal : you get 1 shot at senior year- I want to make sure I do my part to make your senior pictures ROCK like none other.  I am a boutique senior photographer that specializes in making YOUR senior experience amazing.  From hair to make up .. locations that I don't 'spill the beans' on  ... to my crazy personality-- All of it works together to create AHHHHH-mazing pictures that are sure to wow your friends, your family... and most importantly YOU!  Clear, colorful, bold, fun & best of all- they show off your personality, your real faces and quirks ... your clothing... and my talent with the camera to make sure it all is documented perfectly! 


So... What's the deal on this senior model thang? "What do I have to do?" you ask... Well- my reps get their pictures taken EARLY to show off my work ... but then they also have another photo shoot either the summer before senior year or the early fall ... OR BOTH ... (yes I offer a few split season shoots where I'll track you through most of your senior year )   My reps agree to post (and keep the pics up on social media ) a certain # of pictures throughout their senior year and in exchange for posting those pictures- they get some SWEET discounts / free gifts etc... )  They agree to share when I'm running any promotions etc... 


So... What am I looking for in a senior model


You need to LOVE getting your picture taken

Love posting pictures on social media 

You need to be punctual

I want people who are creative with their clothing -- That doesn't mean you need to have the latest trends but think outside the box -- You are not boring- so your outfits need to read FUN and BOLD! 

I love it when kids have ideas about how they want their senior pictures to look and don't just rely on me... 

I need models that have a little time in their schedule. Honestly- this is NOT a 'job' that takes a lot of time but ... you have at the minimum 3 photo shoots with me over 7 mos ... 1 is 10 minutes long,  1 is 30 minutes long and the last one is 2-3 hours long ... So... you need to make sure you have time for those.   If you're busy from sun up to sun down 7 days a week you probably shouldn't apply to be a JEM model  (sorry) 

I want people that are not afraid to try new things .. The worst that can happen if an idea doesn't pan out?? I delete the picture and don't use it... but lets try anyways...

All reps must have their parent(s) come to 1 rep meeting once they are chosen. Paperwork is signed and photo shoots are scheduled at this meeting so YES- parents must be on board!


***Last but not least:  Here's who I DO and DON'T play well with!

If this is you... I wouldn't apply: 

Bullies -- I won't tolerate it -- so if you do it and I find out - you're off my team- sorry. 

People doing drugs/drinking/smoking/juuling/vaping online  or posting nudes online - I have been in business for over 10 years now- I cannot risk that bringing down my reputation.   Posting yourself doing these things is a horrible idea-- your college acceptances can (and have been) be rescinded if you're caught.  Just don't do it. 


Here's who I DO play well with!! 

Guys/girls of ANY shape or size. From super thin to plus size- I LOVE IT ALL!

LGBTQ+  (make sure you state your pronouns so I get it right)

Kids that know my work and love my style of photography.



So... You ready to apply?!!!!! Click below and fill out the info!




Can't wait to hear more about you.

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