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About ME


I'm Beth. I'm the owner and sole photographer at JEM Photography.




Since 2009 I've specialized in SENIOR PORTRAITS and also photograph many kids, families, sports activities, theatrical events, modeling portfolios, pets, etc...

I think it's so important to know a little about who you're choosing to spend your time with and who you're choosing to invest your $ in,  so allow me tell you a few things about myself!


* I'm a former violinist, singer & songwriter. I spent my Junior/Senior years at the Cincinnati School for Creative & Performing Arts on a full scholarship ... so I have a background in the  arts.  I also attended Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts on a 75% scholarship. While I do not play violin anymore,  I feel I am playing music through my instrument- the camera! And.. I do sing on my photo shoots too!!


* I am inspired by what YOU bring ME to work with. From hair, makeup, wardrobe, props... I get ideas off of what you bring. Senior portraits are extremely SPECIAL. Aside from your wedding it's THE most important photo shoot you'll ever have. It's more than a jeans and t-shirt kind of day... more than a "oops I missed my eyelid...smeared my mascara" kind of day or a 'oops I forgot to paint my nails' day.  So, in order for me to give you my best- give me YOURS TOO. Put thought into how you want to look in your photos, make sure you take my words of wisdom that I include in my emails and actually apply them to your special day so that I can give you an amazing JEM experience!!!


*  I can work with ANYONE -- seriously - ANYONE ... and turn out great pictures.  You bring me a moody guy that doesn't want to be there- I will make some magic with him ... Bring me a pet that typically won't sit still ... I will get them to cooperate so you get THAT special photo ... Bring me a little kiddo that won't smile ... I will make sure we get you some teeth or at least a cute grin ... Trust me on this one!


* I have to thank my last job for giving me the guts to pursue photography as a business. I was a bill collector!!! They brought us into a room and told us they were changing our bonus structure... told us it was for the better ... and then I did the math and found out my bonus would be cut by $5000. I freaked out! I knew I had to find a way to make ends meet for my family so we didn't lose our home! Thankfully I already loved taking pictures as a hobby, I turned it into a career. I started off part time & a few years later I quit that other job and in 2011 JEM Photography became my full time job!


* My husband and I have been together since 1993 and married since '96. We have 4 amazing kiddos!  Joshua (22) Emma (18) Madelynn (16)  ... and our bonus baby is Miles Xavier. He is 3.  Our joke is that we missed Josh so much since he went off to college, I just had to replace him!  The kids keep us very busy so this is one of the reasons I am only photographing 70 seniors for class of 2019.  Family first, photography second. I also give very personalized service and offer creative photography and 70 is the "right" number so I don't burn out! It allows me to have a good balance between clients and family 


* I'm a crazy cat lady - 3 cats!  Leo, Jasmine & Lilly. 1 boy, 2 girls.  I love my fur babies!! Just because I love my cats don't let that stop you from bringing your other pets along to your photo shoot.  I  get along with ALL animals too-  I have a cool whistle that gets the dogs attention and their ears perk up - it's so fun working with animals.  If you are allergic to cats- please let me know before your ordering session. :)  I'll make sure I put mine upstairs!

* I'm a self taught photographer, photo shopper  ... so I don't have a formal training in photography. I am so proud of what I've accomplished thus far!

* I LOVE photographing my seniors!!   I'm going to be honest - my senior year was pretty good, but my senior portraits were HORRIBLE.  I hated them. I won't tell you the name of the company that took them but I will let you know they made me look about 40 lbs heavier than I already was! And I was a big girl to begin with. POSING is EVERYTHING.. and I can pose anyone to make them look their best.  I think it's so important for each senior to feel special & feel like this day is all about THEM - and that's what I do. I am very hands on with all of my seniors. I help them decide which outfits will photograph best. If they're open to professional make up I guide them to great people or if they are wanting to do it themselves I definitely help them in making sure their make up works for outdoor pictures. I guide them smoothly through their photo shoot so they have an amazing day!!   I want it to be memorable and it is! It is not something that you plan out the day before and 'hope' it will go ok. We plan in advance & at JEM everything is turned up a notch to make sure it is EXCEPTIONAL!

* I'm pretty crazy on the day of your photo session. I do whatever necessary to get a great picture! What does this mean? If I have to go into the river to get the best lighting I will. If I have roll around in a dirty alley way or in mud, so be it!   I come home tired & messy which means it was a GREAT DAY out there photographing someone.  Crazy voices come out of my mouth ...  I'm have a few different personas living inside this body of mine!!




*I'm totally blind in my left eye & have horrible vision in my right eye without my glasses/contacts (can we say 8.0 correction!!) And yes, I am a photographer.


* I care about QUALITY over QUANTITY. I only photograph 70 seniors per year so that I can give each of them THE BEST PICTURES, PERSONALIZED SERVICE, Awesome products from which to choose.


* I care about QUALITY over QUANTITY of pictures too- I would rather give you 30-50 amazing fully edited pictures on a cd then 500 blurry ones that I just pressed a button to change to black & white.  Do you really need 500 "meh" pictures of you or wouldn't you rather less images but all WOW worthy?


*JEM Photography is MY baby ... I am the person who answers the phone, takes your session fee, emails you all the information, photographs you, meets with you to select your portraits - I do it ALL to ensure everything is done the JEM way! It is so important that everything goes well- this is personal- it's MY business!  The only thing I don't do is print your images. I have the finest labs I'm blessed to work with and their job is to take my images and make them into photo art!


Ready to book? Hit the 'contact me' tab or call me @ 317-625-4715.

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