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JEM reps are VIP clients!! They get special perks, extra photo shoots with JEM-- have the ability to earn extra discounts off of their pictures but they still pay for their photo shoots with JEM ...


JEM reps also have the ability to be seen on FOX 59 morning show as models for MERLE NORMAN'S Lori Boykin who has an amazing segment she does on tv about once every 6 weeks.


Parents are a vital part of my rep program too. Parents come to the photo shoots ... Parents post pictures on their fb --  Parents (if they love my work) are all too eager to talk JEM JEM JEM to their friends so I definitely want to make sure your parents have seen my work  (if they haven't please click GALLERIES / SENIORS and show them now!!) 


My reps are well-respected, fun n' friendly, hardworking kids. They are the type of kids that follow through with tasks, are high achievers and are punctual to their appointments. They are photogenic and love being in front of a camera. They are not afraid to try new things.   Is this you?   Apply now!!






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