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The search is on NOW!


C/o 2020 -- now is YOUR time to apply to be a JUNIOR rep for JEM

If you are photogenic / love to be in front of a camera, friendly, adventurous & willing to meet / work with other kids your age on a shoot without being awkward YOU are what I am looking for!  Does your family LOVE pictures? Are you a responsible person; following through on your commitments? Those are the kinds of people I want on my team!  Do you go on social media constantly and love posting pictures? Yep- I'm looking for people like YOU!


My junior reps will be treated to at least 2 photo shoots with JEM

1 - mini head shot shoot

1 - outdoor GROUP shoot  - and each rep will have an opportunities to shoot 20 frames with me and get some outdoor pictures out of it too!


There also may be other opportunities as well- such as a chance to model on FOX 59 with Merle Norman ... and more !


Each time you do a shoot with JEM & post your pictures on social media you will accumulate JEM bucks -- JEM bucks is currency you can use to purchase pictures from your photo shoots... OR you can save them up towards your senior pictures too!


If selected to rep JEM you will be committing to be a rep for JEM ONLY from May 2018 until December 2018.   All junior reps that wish to be considered for JEM's SENIOR REP PROGRAM will still need to go through the interview process for next year however if we work together well you will certainly have an advantage over other applicants!!

Click the link below to apply!


JEM REP SEARCH - Class of 2020


* Please contact Beth @ JEM with any questions BEFORE filling out the application. And please make sure your parent(s) are aware & support you applying to be part of my team!  Nothing stinks more than selecting someone and having them bail after they are chosen!




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